Media Ghouls Episode 149

California, November 2019 - Special podcast squads - Media Ghouls - have orders to review films with passion and shallow attempts at humor. They have orders to insult each other, derailing the pursuit of engaging criticism. This was not called podcasting. It was called retirement.

Take a journey with the Ghouls into one of the most influential science fiction films of all time - Blade Runner.

Media Ghouls Episode 148

Happy Halloween! The 2019 Halloween Spooktacular comes to a close this week as our Frankenstein marathon concludes with our review of the Mel Brooks comedy classic, Young Frankenstein! Gene Wilder and friends band together to both pay homage and parody everything we've looked at this October. Justin and Ian actually find a lot more subtle references to every Frankenstein film from the Universal era, including Abbott and Costello! With dozens of quotable lines and expertly crafted visual gags, it's shocking to find how respectful this film is to the originals that inspired it. Truly a tribute to the work of Whale, Karloff, Pierce and everyone else involved with establishing Frankenstein in film!

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Media Ghouls Episode 147

The Universal horror cycle sees it's last hurrah this week with our review of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. After a string of monster crossover films offering little more than diminishing returns, Universal shelved Frankenstein until two very successful comedians came along. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's first monster mash turns out to be one of the best "Frankenstein" films of the classic era. However, it's actually Bela Lugosi's return to Dracula and Lon Chaney Jr's Wolf Man that make this film a memorable classic, complete with an all-out monster battle of a finale. Ian and Justin found that plenty of the laughs and insanity hold up incredibly well!