Welcome to the second in a series of special episodes covering the Kingdom Hearts series of games. This time, Justin, Ian, Fernando, and Emelynn take a deep dive into the 2005 follow up to the original Kingdom Hearts. Listen in as the gang debates over the convoluted story and gameplay changes that came with one of the most popular video game sequels ever.

In this episode, the guys delve into the twisty world of M. Night Shyamalan and review the 2000 film UNBREAKABLE. This film has everything! Comics, Twists, well done cinematography and foreshadowing, Bruce Willis when he was still trying, Sam Jackson when he knew how to balance drama and being over the top, it's all here!

Do you love Disney, RPGs, and video games? Then odds are you've already played this 2002 PS2 classic before. Join the Ghouls as they dive deep in the first game of this epic series in the lead up to the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts III on January 25th, 2019. Listen as Justin, Ian, Fernando, and Emelynn talk about their favorite (and not so favorite) aspects of the original Kingdom Hearts! Remember, this ship runs on happy faces!

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