Media Ghouls Episode 146

It's the finale of the original Horror trilogy this week on the 2019 Halloween Spooktacular! Son of Frankenstein was released after a horror hiatus in the film industry, but still saw Boris Karloff return for his final film performance as the Monster. This film saw the introduction of the original Ygor played by the always phenomenal Bela Lugosi. What follows is a battle of wits between Wolf Frankenstein, Ygor, and the inquisitive Inspector Krogh. As you can probably tell, Karloff doesn't get too much to do here, a fact the Justin and Ian found disappointing, but there's still plenty to discuss with this one!

Media Ghouls Episode 145

It's time to discuss one of the greatest horror sequels of all time, Bride of Frankenstein. This is the first of many Frankenstein sequels the Ghouls will be covering in the 2019 Halloween Spooktacular, and it will undoubtedly be the best. James Whale returns to direct a stunning film that blends horror, humor, and humanity. Ian goes full English nerd over the history surrounding the original story by Mary Shelley as well as fanboying over the genius of Ernest Thesiger's Doctor Pretorius. Justin likes the inclusion of more stunt dummies. Join us for this Universal horror classic as we continue this year's horror marathon!

Media Ghouls Episode 144

The 2019 Media Ghouls Halloween Spooktacular begins this week! It's a month full of classic Frankenstein film reviews starting with 1931's Frankenstein directed by James Whale. This is, to date, the oldest film the Media Ghouls have reviewed, but it holds up incredibly after almost 90 years! Boris Karloff, Jack Pierce, and James Whale came together to bring the most iconic version of Frankenstein's Creature to the screen. Ian and Justin find a lot to love in this pioneer of the horror genre, and we hope you will too!