It's a movie review episode this week as the Ghouls review Detective Pikachu and John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum! Ian teases some final thoughts on Game of Thrones, Justin makes a huge announcement, what makes a video game movie is discussed, and the top 5 media franchises are analyzed.

In this episode, the Ghouls prepare to see JOHN WICK 3 by bringing Jared on to the show to discuss the first two installments of the John Wick series! Listen in as the guys discuss Star Wars, Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode, Star Trek lessons with Jared, the odd congruity between Nicholas Cage and Keanu Reeves' movies, and Natalie Portman’s contractual obligations.

In this month's Disney episode, the gang discusses the 1990 film THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER. First off, we want to give you a trigger warning: If cute baby sounds annoy you, you may want to steer clear of this episode since Jinora has A LOT to say about this movie. Also a first appearance by special guest Rachel, and lots of praise for Joanna the Goanna.

After 11 years, the first major chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a close. This amazing achievement that no one thought could ever exist has already made over a billion dollars at the box office and it's time for Media Ghouls to discuss it in all it's spoiler-filled glory. Listen in as fan favorite Phil falls in love with Captain Marvel's stoicism, two grown men argue over who cried more at a comic book movie, and the great time travel debate kicks off in this episode of Media Ghouls!

The day has finally arrived! The Finale to the first era of the MCU comes to a close this weekend (if you don’t count Spiderman: Far From Home). But how did we arrive at this point? As you wait in line for your Endgame screening, relive the journey with us as Ian, Justin and fan favorite Phil go through the MCU's 11 year history from Iron Man to Captain Marvel. You may be surprised what the Ghouls' top 5 films are, and how their opinions have changed over the years.

In this brand new episode, Ian and Justin discuss the three biggest movie releases of April that aren’t Avengers Endgame: Pet Semetary, Shazam, and Hellboy! Listen in as the guys discuss what makes a good horror film work, what makes a bad comic book movie NOT work, and how everyone wins when the Superhero genre goes for a different tone

In this month's Disney episode, the gang heads under the sea to discuss one of the biggest box office hits in the Disney canon, THE LITTLE MERMAID. Listen as they discuss how well it holds up in the woke world of 2019. Also, Ghouls chat about the changes to Disneyland’s Fantasmic, Emelynn pulls a Justin move, and Nando uses his daughter as a shield.

In this spoiler filled episode, Ian and Justin discuss their theories about the new Jordan Peele horror film US, after discussing the horrifying new movie DUMBO. One of these two films will become a beloved classic full of fantastic actors, great characters, and a socially poignant statement about American culture. The other is an anti-Disney film made by Disney with a spooky looking Elephant as the main character.

In this episode, one of the most anticipated video games of all time gets the MEDIA GHOULS treatment! Did years and years of time, devotion and research pay off, or was this just a lead up to a huge disappointment over a decade in the making? Did the ending leave the Ghouls satisfied or frustrated? Just how important is difficulty and good writing in a Kingdom Hearts game? The answer to all these questions and more as Ian and Justin explore the finale to the DARK SEEKER SAGA of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

In this episode, the gang discusses the 1988 Disney animated film OLIVER AND COMPANY. Listen in as they debate whether this final film before the Disney renaissance can even be considered a true OLIVER TWIST adaptation. Seeing as this was the only Disney film to be outgrossed by a Don Bluth movie, you can guess where this discussion is heading as far as where the Disney company's head space is during the making of this film.